Hospitals, Health Centres and Pharmacies

Contact details for the main hospitals and healthcare centres in Gibraltar, as well as information about finding an on-duty chemist…

There are three main centres for healthcare in Gibraltar.

  • Primary Care Centre: Healthcare services delivered by GPs – home visits are also available. Vaccination programmes and dental visits are also catered for at this centre
    : 2nd Floor, ICC Building, 2A Main Street, Gibraltar
    Tel: 200 72355
  • St. Bernard’s Hospital: The hospital provides out-patient and in-patient services and has a maternity unit and a paediatric ward, and can deal with emergencies and surgical cases
    : Zone 2, Level 3, Harbour Views Road, Gibraltar
    : 200 79700 / 200 72266
  • King George V Mental Hospital: Psychiatric treatments are provided as well as out-patient services
    : South Barracks Road, Gibraltar
    : 200 788 07
  • Find maps of the locations of the various health care centres in Gibraltar

There are also private specialised medical clinics in Gibraltar such as the College Clinic and the Specialist Medical Clinic.

Registering with a doctor

Once a person is registered with the GHA, they are allocated a General Practitioner from one of the GPs practising at the Primary Care Centre. Patients can also request to be allocated a specific GP.

Appointments to see a doctor can be made by calling the Primary Care Centre.

  • Tel: 200 524 41

If the patient is too ill to go themselves to the Primary Care Centre a house visit can be organised. In the event of a medical emergency call 112, or 190.

A referral from a GP is required in order to see a specialist consultant.

  • For further information Tel: 200 797 00 / 200 72266


Pharmacies on duty out of hours are open Monday to Friday from 19:00–21:00; weekends and public holidays from 11:00–13:00 and 18:00–20:00.

  • Find a duty roster for out of hours pharmacies
  • Call centre, Tel: 200 797 00
  • Hospital pharmacy
    Tel: 200 071 07