Giving Birth in Gibraltar

Find out about giving birth in Gibraltar and how to register the birth...

There is a maternity unit at St Bernard’s Hospital, which has both single and shared rooms on the ward.

  • Millicent Mackintosh Maternity Ward - St. Bernard’s Hospital
    At: Zone 3, Level 4, Harbour Views Road, Gibraltar
    Tel: 200 071 24 / 200 07125

A special care facility is available with incubators for babies that need emergency or special care.

It should be noted that only those who work and pay into the social security system in Gibraltar are entitled to give birth at the Gibraltar hospital free of charge. A dependant of a worker who is resident in Spain but working in Gibraltar (frontier worker) should be registered with the healthcare system in Spain, and the costs of the birth are covered in Spain.

Registering the Birth

The birth of a baby born in Gibraltar must be registered at the Civil Status and Registration Office within eight working days. To register the birth, both parents must provide their passports and marriage certificate (if applicable). If the parents are not married, both must go to the Civil Status and Registration Office (Birth Registry) to register the birth of the child.

The birth registration form is available online (PDF)

In order for the baby to be considered Gibraltarian, one of the parents must have Gibraltarian status. Full details of the laws governing Gibraltarian status can be found on the Laws of Gibraltar website.