Post Codes and the Postal System in Gibraltar

Information on sending and receiving letters and parcels, mail services, finding a Gibraltar postal/ZIP code and how to write addresses in Gibraltar...

Postal services in Gibraltar are operated by the Royal Gibraltar Post Office. It has a comprehensive website detailing the products and services, which include sending and receiving mail, PO boxes, mail forwarding, tracking and tracing mail, and savings accounts with the Savings Bank facility.

Post Offices are generally open from 09:00 onwards (10:00 on Saturdays). Closing times vary, and during the summer opening hours change.

Post Codes

Gibraltar Post has a generic postcode, which is GX11 1AA. This is used for all mail until a post code system similar to that in the United Kingdom is introduced. If sending mail within Gibraltar, this postcode is not required.

Writing Addresses

The Gibraltar post office recommends that addresses written by hand are done using capitals, and that they are written as follows:

  • Full name of the recipient
  • Address
  • Postcode
  • Country (if applicable)

It also advises to include the sender's name and address and a phone number of the recipient if it is a parcel, or requires the payment of charges on receipt.

The Gibraltar post office has comprehensive guidelines for writing addresses on mail and parcel items.

Sending Mail

The Gibraltar Post Office provides a number of options for both local and international mail, which can be sent by either priority mail or registered mail.

Gibraltar has a number of pillar boxes where mail can be deposited, a full list of locations for pillar boxes is available online.

Receiving Mail

In addition to mail that is delivered to your home, there are a number of other options to receive mail for both residents and visitors.

A PO Box can be used for personal and business mail. Application forms for PO box rental are available at the General Post Office at 104 Main Street. An ID card or passport, and recent utility bill are required to rent a PO Box for private individuals; companies must present a certificate of incorporation and recent utility bill.

Visitors to Gibraltar can use the poste restante service to have letters and parcels delivered at the General Post Office. Proof o identity is required when collecting mail.

Mail Forwarding

A mail forwarding service is available if moving house or office for up to 12 months. Mail can be redirected to the new address or a PO Box. The service is free of charge if redirecting mail to another address within Gibraltar. If moving abroad, there is a fee for the service.

The application form is available online and must be signed by each person in the household listed on the form. The form must be handed in at the Post Office Box Unit in Irish Town.

  • For further information, Tel: 200 724 92

Savings Bank

A savings account at the Gibraltar Post office can only be opened by residents of Gibraltar. In order to open an account , the applicant must fill in a Declaration Form and present proof of identity (passport, ID card or driving licence with a photograph) and a recent utility bill.

  • Find out more about the Savings Bank
  • Further information is also available by telephone, 200 607 21 / 200 757 14.