Property Jargon

A list of terms relevant to buying or renting a house or flat in Gibraltar and their English translations.

  • Double-fronted: Principle windows either side of the front door
  • Dual aspect: Windows on two sides of a room
  • Freehold: Ownership of the building and the land on which it stands
  • Leasehold: Ownership of the building but not of the land on which it stands
  • Maisonette: Apartment with own entrance. Usually on two floors
  • Open plan: Large multi-purpose space
  • Penthouse: Top flat on a block. Often the biggest and most sought-after
  • Terrace: Flat (usually tiled) area used for social activity
  • Terraced house: House within a row of similar houses joined on one or both sides
  • Townhouse: Tall narrow terraced house usually with three or more floors