Refuse Collection and Recycling in Gibraltar

Trash, garbage, rubbish and waste: find out how to dispose of it, and how recycling works in Gibraltar...

The collection of household waste and recyclable material in Gibraltar is managed by the Department of Environment. There are recycling bins placed throughout Gibraltar where paper, plastic, glass, cans and small electrical and electronic items can be placed.

The following recycling containers are available in Gibraltar where material is collected and then sent to recycling plants in Spain.

  • Yellow containers: plastic items, tins, tetra-brik packaging and cans
  • Green containers: bottles and glass
  • Blue containers: paper and cardboard
  • Pink containers: small electrical and electronic items
  • Find a full list of recycling bin locations in Gibraltar

Bulky household waste

Mattresses, large electrical and electronic items, white goods and scrap metals can all be disposed at the Civic Amenities Site at Europa Advance Battery, Europa Advance Road. Batteries, ink cartridges and waste cooking oil can also be disposed here.

Electrical items

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) such as computers, televisions, fax machines cannot be disposed of in household bins due to their possible harmful effects on the environment. Small WEEE items can be disposed of in the pink containers located around Gibraltar. Larger items should be taken to the CIvic Amenities Site, where they can be disposed of free of charge.

Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste should be disposed of at the Government Recycling Centre on Europa Road. This includes products such as paint, nail polish, household cleaning products and medicines.