Television in Gibraltar

Get to grips with TV standards and find out what's available to the TV viewer in Gibraltar...

Gibraltar switched from analogue to digital broadcasting at the end of 2013. The television standard in use in Gibraltar is DVB-T.

Most countries in the world have either switched over, are switching over, or plan to switch over from analogue TV broadcasting to digital TV broadcasting. Before the advent of digital broadcasting, the main three standards were:

  • NTSC: the USA, Canada, Japan
  • PAL: most of Western Europe, Australia, southern Africa
  • SECAM: Eastern Europe and France

Today, the main digital standards are:

  • DVB-T: most of the world, including Europe, southern Africa, Australia and southern Asia
  • ATSC: the USA, Canada, Mexico and South Korea
  • ISDB-T: most of South America
  • DTMB: China

Television Licences

There is no TV licence fee in Gibraltar.

Television Channels

Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation is the public broadcasting service for Gibraltar. It focusses on issues of interest for people living in Gibraltar and broadcasts weeknights from 19:30 and weekends from 20:00. Programming includes movies, drama series and international documentaries. It is also possible to watch via live streaming. Spanish digital television stations can also be received in Gibraltar.

Gibsat provides satellite and cable TV channels in Gibraltar with over 300 channels available.

To subscribe to Gibsat services, visit their local office or call 200 515 98.

  • Gibsat
    At: Unit 12B Watergardens Waterport Road, Gibraltar
    Satellite emergency after hours (until 21:00), Tel: 540 271 19 / 540 252 92