Shopping in Gibraltar

Information on opening hours, sales and places to shop in Gibraltar...

Gibraltar's principal area for shopping is Main Street, where visitors can find major high street brands, family-owned shops and souvenir shops. Casemates Square is home to many local artisan and souvenir shops. In addition to the town centre, Ocean Village also has many restaurants, bars and retail shops.

Shops are generally open from 10:00 to 18:00 and most stay open during the lunch hours. Many shops are closed on Saturday afternoons from 13:30 onwards, and all day Sunday.

There is no VAT in Gibraltar, which makes many products good value for money. The currency used is the Gibraltar pound, which is exchangeable with and pegged to the British pound sterling. Many shops accept the Euro although they may give back change in pounds.


The main market in Gibraltar is next to Casemates Square. This indoor market sells fresh fruit, vegetables, fish and local specialities.

Consumer Affairs

The Department of Consumer Affairs can assist with any complaints that consumers may have against shop and traders in Gibraltar.

  • At: 10 Governors Lane, Gibraltar
    Tel: 200 507 88 / 200 448 71