Sports and Leisure

Find out about the range of activities, sports and leisure pursuits on offer in Gibraltar...

Gibraltar provides many opportunities for outdoor sports and activities; its position on the Mediterranean means that there are numerous possibilities to carry out water sports. Across the border to the north with Spain there are hiking, walking and other outdoor pursuits available.

Gibraltar is also a popular location for dolphin and whale watching. Although they can sometimes be observed from the shore, there are many boat tours available to view them in their natural environment. Dolphin species in Gibraltar's waters include bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, and striped dolphins; whale species include long-finned pilot whales, orcas, sperm whales or fin whales.

As the Straits of Gibraltar are the narrowest crossing point for migrating birds between Europe and Africa it attracts a large number of migratory birds annually, in both autumn and spring.

Birds that can be observed include birds of prey such as lammergeier, griffon vulture, and the Cinereous black vulture; the white-tailed eagle, short-toed eagle, and Bonelli’s eagle; the black-winged kite, red kite, and lesser kestrel; peregrine falcons, Eleanora’s falcon, and the Eurasian hobby; ospreys and barn owls.

The black and white stork also migrates through Gibraltar as well as many as 400 other bird species.

Hiking up the Rock

Gibraltar is best known for The Rock of Gibraltar, an impressive sight which can be admired from its base or by walking to the top.

The walk to the top can take approximately 1.5 to 2.5 hours, depending on level of fitness and the time of the year. On the route up to the top, visitors can also visit the Barbary Macaques at Apes Den. The panoramic views at the top make the walk well worthwhile, with views north towards the Sierra Nevada over the Costa del Sol, east over the Mediterranean Sea, and south across the Strait of Gibraltar to the Rif Mountains of North Africa.

The best route to take is past the Rock Hotel until the Casino where the road forks, go left and continue past the St. Michaels Cave sign until the top. If coming from the cruise terminal, walk towards the town up Main Street, then go past the Trafalgar Cemetery.