Diving and Watersports in Gibraltar

Find out about diving permits, diving sites and other watersports in Gibraltar...


There is a huge diversity of marine species in Gibraltar’s waters and a unique mix of fauna and flora to be found in diving locations around Gibraltar.

Diving activities are regulated in the British Gibraltar Territorial Waters (BGTW) and a permit is required, unless diving with a licensed dive operator. Permits are issued by the Department of Environment.

  • Department of the Environment
    At: Duke of Kent House, Line Wall Road, Gibraltar
    Tel: 200 484 50

Residents of Gibraltar can apply for a Permit F, in order to practice diving without a dive operator. Alternatively, temporary permits, valid for 14 days are available provided the applicant can provide proof of affiliation to a local diving club.

The following documents are required when applying for a permit:

  • Proof of identity with a photograph
  • Vessel documentation (if applicable)
  • Insurance
  • Medical certificate
  • Proof of diving qualifications

A booklet outlining the requirements for diving permits and guidelines about the marine environment and protected species is available from the Gibraltar government.

Diving sites

A large number of wrecks can found, with some dating back to Napoleonic times and World War II. Boxfish, damselfish, Anthias, as well as pipefish, Atlantic Torpedo rays, octopus and cuttlefish can be found at the Camp Bay artificial reef project.

Various diving service providers can be found in Gibraltar and neighbouring Spain for diving excursions and diving courses.


Gibraltar is also an ideal location for sea kayaking, for either recreation, touring or fishing. Kayaks are available for hire in Gibraltar and tour guides can be arranged.


Sailing is very popular during the summer months in Gibraltar due to the warm climate and calm seas. There are sailing clubs where it is possible to take part in sailing races or crew for one of the many sailing yachts in Gibraltar. Sailing courses are also available.

Day charter trips or week trips can be organised with a qualified skipper and there are also options available to do lessons during a charter trip.


There are a few sandy beaches in Gibraltar:

  • Catalan Bay – a small bay and fishing village and the second largest and most popular beach in Gibraltar. It is located on the eastern side
  • Camp Bay – facing the Atlantic and fully developed as a beach resort with a small swimming pool
  • Little Bay – beach resort opposite the Atlantic
  • Eastern Beach – facing the Mediterranean on the north eastern coast, it is the largest of the sandy beaches
  • Sandy Bay – small beach to the south east. Parking is difficult and it is not generally frequented by tourists
  • Western Beach – a small sandy beach on the north side of the runway