Fishing in Gibraltar

Find out about the fishing categories, seasons and the permits required to fish in Gibraltar...

Due to its deep waters, warm climate location and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, fishing in Gibraltar is very popular. Angling and deep sea game fishing are both possible, and there are a number of charter and deep sea fishing boats available. The Straits are known for large grouper, amberjack, red porgy, pink dentex, dentex, swordfish, marlin and tuna among others.

Fishing and diving activities are regulated in the British Gibraltar Territorial Waters (BGTW) and permits are required for recreational fishing, spearfishing and fishing with long lines. Permits are issued by the Department of the Environment.

  • Department of the Environment
    At: Duke of Kent House, Line Wall Road, Gibraltar
    Tel: 200 484 50

There are different types of permit available depending on the types of fishing method, and requirements such as minimum age and the necessary documents vary according to the permit. The permit must be carried at all times when fishing.

A booklet outlining fishing guidelines, the requirements for the different types of permit and what is permitted when fishing, is available from the Gibraltar government.

Protected species

Some fish species such as marlin and swordfish are subject to protection measures and require a different type of fishing permit (Permit J). To fish for tuna, a Class K permit is required, and the applicant must be able to show proof of residency in Gibraltar.