General Taxes in Gibraltar

Find out about the taxes due in Gibraltar...

There is no Value Added Tax (VAT), sales tax, capital gains tax, gift tax or wealth tax in Gibraltar.

Property Taxes

Property taxes, referred to as rates, are paid quarterly in Gibraltar. The amount to be paid is calculated on the net annual value of the property, and there is a 10 percent discount on residential premises. Information about rates and reassessments of the net annual value is available from the Land Property Services Office.

    Stamp Duty

    Stamp duty is payable on the transfer and sale of properties in Gibraltar. However, there are exemptions for first and second-time buyers on the first £260,000 of the cost of the property. There is no stamp duty on the transfer of properties between spouses.

    Stamp duty is also payable on the value of a mortgage on real estate secured in Gibraltar.

    Gaming Tax

    A gaming tax of one percent is applicable on all gaming income of a minimum of £85,000 and a maximum of £425,000.