Gibraltar Country File

Understand the basics of Gibraltar's geography, history, economy and politics at a glance...

Gibraltar is home to some 30,000 citizens and is rated as the fifth most densely populated sovereign state or independent territory in the world. Its ethnic groups comprise people of Spanish, Italian, British, Maltese, Portuguese, German and North African origin.

The majority religion in Gibraltar is Catholicism, with 78.1% of the population identifying themselves as Catholic. This is followed by Church of England 7%, other Christian denominations 3.2%, Muslim 4%, Jewish 2.1%, Hindu 1.8%, other or unspecified 0.9% and 'none' 2.9%.

The official language is English, but Spanish is widely spoken. Other languages including the local dialect Llanito (a mixture of Spanish and English) are also spoken.

The Gibraltar flag has two bands; one of red at the bottom and one double-height white band at the top. In the centre of the flag in the white band there is a three-towered red castle with a gold key on a chain hanging from the centre tower into the red band. The design is the coat of arms given to Gibraltar by Queen Isabella of Castile in 1502, with the castle signifying the territory's importance as a fortress and the key representing its situation at the gateway to the Mediterranean.

Gibraltar's National Day is celebrated on 10 September every year.