Gibraltar Administration Offices

Contact information for the national and local administrative centres of Gibraltar, including where to go for residency papers, vehicle registration papers, driving licences and more...

The main office responsible for formalities relating to administration procedures is the headquarters of HM Government of Gibraltar.

  • At: No. 6 Convent Place, Gibraltar
    Open: Monday to Friday from 08:30–15:00

The Civil Service and Registration Office situated at the address above deals with births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships, visas and immigration and ID cards.

  • Civil Service and Registration Office
    At: Joshua Hassan House, 3 Secretary’s Lane, Gibraltar
    Tel: 200 51725
  • Passport and visa section
    Tel: 200 51725 / 200 76945 / 200 51726
  • Births and deaths
    Tel: 200 78303
  • Marriages
    Tel: 200 72289
  • Immigration
    Tel: 200 51725 / 200 76948

Citizens Advice Bureau

The Citizens Advice Bureau provides a number of services including a legal clinic, help with employment-related issues, counselling, money advice, and assistance so that individuals can find out their rights and responsibilities.

Vehicles and Driving

The Department of Transport is responsible for driving licences, vehicle registration and roadworthiness testing.

  • Department of Transport
    At: Eastern Beach Road, Gibraltar
    Tel: 200 51606
    Open: 09:00–14:00 (winter); 09:00–13:00 (summer)

If a vehicle has been clamped or towed away, contact the following numbers:

  • Tel: 200 76999 / 200 76312 / 58857000


The Gibraltar Health Authority is responsible for healthcare in Gibraltar.

Income Tax

The Income Tax Office deals with all tax-related issues for employed and self-employed people.

  • Income Tax Office
    At: St Jago's Stone Block, 331 Main Street, Gibraltar
    Tel: 200 74915
  • Self-employed
    Tel: 200 74874