On the Road

Find out about speed limits, types of roads and parking in Gibraltar...

Types of Roads

Gibraltar's roads are congested, winding, narrow and steep, especially in the centre of the town. The territory has a network of 29 Km of paved roads. There are one-way systems in place in certain built-up areas to control the flow of traffic.

The only road in and out of the territory is the arterial road Winston Churchill Avenue, which crosses the runway of the International Airport. This road is closed when places take off or land.

Traffic is usually heavy at the frontier, especially during peak hours and in high season. Further information on delays can be obtained at the Land Frontier:

  • Tel: 200 467 29

Traffic at the frontier can also be consulted via a live stream on the Frontier Queue website.

Speed Limits

Because of the small and narrow roads in Gibraltar, the standard speed limit is 50km/h unless otherwise stated.

Road Signs

Road and traffic signs in Gibraltar are similar to those in the United Kingdom. A full list of signs and their meanings can be found on the UK Highway Code website (although many of these signs are not relevant in Gibraltar).


During business hours and early mornings especially, parking can be difficult. However, the further away from the centre of town, the easier it becomes to find a spot.

Official car parks can be found at many places including Queensway, Grand Parade, Eastern Beach, Catalan Bay, the airport (maximum stay time limits apply) and Europa Point. Failure to display a ticket when required, parking inappropriately or in a prohibited zone may result in a parking violation which could see the vehicle towed or clamped.

If a vehicle is clamped or towed away, contact the Traffic Management Division in order to recuperate the vehicle:

  • At: Unit 71 New Harbours, Gibraltar
    Tel: 200 782 18 / 200 769 99 / 200 763 12
    After hours, Tel: 588 570 00

Paying fines

Some fines may be paid on the spot, while other payments must be made within 28 days by cash or cheque either in person or by post at:

  • Gibraltar Car Parks Ltd
    Unit 11, 45 North Mole Road

Prompt payments within 14 days are eligible for a 50 percent reduction. If the period exceeds 28 days the notice will be forwarded to the Magistrate's Court.

Blue Badge Scheme

The Blue Badge scheme for peoples with reduced mobility operates throughout Gibraltar. The official body that deals with applications and issues permits is the Department of Transport.