Buying a New Car in Gibraltar

Information on the paperwork and processes involved when buying a new car in Gibraltar...

In order to buy a car and have it registered in Gibraltar it is necessary to have a registered address in the territory.

The Vehicle Registration Document (logbook) is issued by the Gibraltar Vehicle Licensing Authority and is the driver's proof of ownership. It is typically issued four to five working days after application for ownership.

  • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Department - Department of Transport Headquarters
    At: Eastern Beach Road, Gibraltar
    Tel: 200 516 03
    email or email

The vehicle cannot legally be driven on the roads until the buyer has been legally registered as the owner.

There are dealerships in Gibraltar that sell both new and used cars. They are mainly situated along Devil's Tower Road.

A comprehensive list of car dealers can be found in the Angloinfo Business Directory. Secondhand cars are also advertised in the Angloinfo Classifieds.

Registering a Vehicle

If buying a new car, the dealership will register the car in the buyer's name with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Department. The procedure varies slightly depending on whether the buyer already has a private number plate.

Documents required (for private registration plates):

  • Driving licence, passport or ID card of private plate owner
  • Insurance cover note (including private registration number and the name of buyer)
  • Logbook of the current vehicle (if the number plate is already registered to a vehicle) or
  • Receipt from the Licensing Authority confirming purchase of the number plate
  • Completed and signed form "Application for the Purchase or Transfer of a Personalised Number"

Documents required (for non-private registration plates)

  • Driving licence, passport or ID card
  • Insurance cover note (including new licence plate registration number and name of buyer)

Documents required (for registration in the name of a company):

  • Insurance cover note (as above)
  • Letter on headed paper addressed to the Gibraltar Vehicle Licensing Authority confirming place of purchase
  • Logbook or receipt of private plate purchase as necessary (if appropriate)
  • Completed and signed form Application for the Purchase or Transfer of a Personalised Number (if appropriate).

Find comprehensive details about registering a vehicle from the Gibraltar Government.