Buying a Used Car in Gibraltar

Information on the paperwork and processes involved when buying and registering a used car in Gibraltar...

Secondhand cars can be purchased through a dealership or privately.

A comprehensive list of car dealers can be found in the Angloinfo Business Directory. Secondhand cars are also advertised in the Angloinfo Classifieds.

Transferring Ownership

In order to buy a car in Gibraltar and have it registered there, the buyer must be resident in the territory. Once a sale has been agreed, payment has been made and a receipt provided, the change of ownership process takes place, and the vehicle is registered with the new owner by the Vehicle and Driving Licensing Department:

Forms 5 and 6 must be completed by the buyer and the seller. The forms are available online (PDF).

The buyer applies to the Licensing Authority to change ownership by completing Form 5 (Application for Registration of a Motor Vehicle on Transfer) and submitting it to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Department with the following:

  • Identification (Passport / ID card / Gibraltar driving licence)
  • Proof of residential address in Gibraltar
  • Fee for transfer of ownership

If the vehicle is being sold or purchased by a company, the relevant section of the form should be endorsed by the company stamp. In addition a letter from the company endorsing the purchase is required for registration purposes.

Within seven days of sale the seller must supply the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Department with a completed copy of Form 6 (Notification of Change of Possession of Motor Vehicle), and the following documents:

  • Certificate of registration
  • Motor vehicle licence
  • International certificate (if necessary)

Both documents and the laws concerning transfer of vehicles are available on the Gibraltar Laws website.

There is currently no equivalent of an HPI (Hire Purchase Inspection) check for outstanding finance or debt on vehicles in Gibraltar.