Vehicle Insurance in Gibraltar

General information on taking out a vehicle insurance policy in Gibraltar, with details on options from third party to all risks, and how to make a claim...

Third party liability insurance is compulsory as a minimum for all vehicles in Gibraltar. Foreign-registered vehicles driving in Gibraltar must be in possession of a Green Card or a British certificate of motor insurance. Proof of insurance must be carried in the vehicle when driving. Gibraltar vehicle insurance should cover the motorist in Spain and Portugal as well, but check with the insurer for details.

Types of Insurance

There are three main types of vehicle insurance policies available in Gibraltar. These are:

  • Basic third party (the minimum required by law)
  • Third party fire and theft
  • Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance covers the vehicle for third party, fire, theft and damage caused by the accident. Additional cover, for example payment of any legal expenses incurred and repairs in the event of a breakdown, roadside assistance and new car replacement, is also available from some insurance companies.

Car Insurance Costs

Car insurance premiums depend on a number of factors including the age of the driver, the age and make of vehicle, and the driving history of the insured person.

It is advisable to shop around to compare prices of car insurance before taking out an insurance policy.

No Claims Bonus

Insurance companies operate a no-claims bonus/discount system, which means that drivers with no prior or recent accidents or claims can benefit from a reduction to their insurance premium. This no-claims discount is generally transferable when changing insurers. A no-claims bonus accumulated in another country may be transferred to an insurance policy if the driver can obtain written evidence from the present or previous car insurance company.

Making a Claim

Check with the insurance company when subscribing to a policy for precise guidelines on what to do if involved in an accident. In general, following a road traffic accident that causes damage or injury to a third party, both parties should provide their name, address and car registration details to anyone who has reasonable grounds to request this information.

An accident should be reported to the insurance company as soon as possible after the event. Some companies provide a specific time period in which it must be reported; check with the insurance company.