Employment in Gibraltar

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Gibraltar has a flourishing economy, and tax incentive schemes that have seen many international companies relocate to the territory. It attracts workers from neighbouring Spain as well as from further afield to work in accountancy, law, online gaming, IT, banking and insurance.

EU nationals can work in Gibraltar under the European legislation relating to the free movement of labour. Non-EU nationals must first obtain a work permit if they are to work and reside in Gibraltar for the first 12 months of employment.

The Ministry of Employment is the official government body responsible for overseeing employment in Gibraltar.

The ministry has seven main departments:

  • Employment Service - Helping the unemployed find work
  • Registration unit - Legally registering workers, the self-employed and businesses
  • Labour Inspectorate – Enforcing statutory provisions such as sick pay and minimum wage
  • Heath and Safety Inspectorate – Ensuring workplaces conform to health and safety standards
  • Work Permits Unit – Issuing work permits to citizens of non-EEC countries
  • Job Club – Help for long-term unemployed people
  • Insolvency Fund Claims – Seeking monies owed to employees of an insolvent company
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Finding Work

Employment in Gibraltar can be sought through classifieds or employment agencies.

Job Centre

The Employment Service provides job searching services in Gibraltar for Gibraltarians and Gibraltar residents, and helps registered unemployed people to find suitable employment.

  • Job Centre
    Tel: 200 404 09
    Fax: 200 739 81