Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community in Athens

Information for gay, bisexual and transgender men and women living in Athens, including details of social groups and contacts...

There are a number of associations, publications and events for the gay community in Athens.


There is a wide choice of gay and lesbian bars and nightclubs in Athens. The most popular area for the gay community is the Gazi.

  • Athinorama is a weekly publication, available online in Greek, which reviews events and movies and profiles personalities
  • Time Out Athens magazine has nightlife section listing gay bars, discos, and special events
  • Athens Gay Bars lists and reviews bars and clubs in the city

Local associations

Greek Sapphites: Lesbian and gay information and communication group incorporating the Lesbian Group of Athens, which includes support and social groups.

Transsexoyal: Greek Transvestites & Transsexuals Solidarity Association, which promotes the rights of female transsexuals in Athens (in Greek).


  • Athens Pride: Annual LGBT Pride parade, held in June in Athens
  • Outview is an International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival held each year in May