Local Animal Organisations in Athens

Pet shelters and refuges, animal rights organisations and other associations in Athens for the protection of cats, dogs and other pet animals...

Greece has no official national animal organisation; instead there are many private groups taking care of the welfare of stray animals in Greece and abroad. Most of these organisations help with the vaccination and sterilisation of stray dogs and cats. They feed them, take care of injured animals and work to rehome them. There are many stray animals in Greece, and rescue and welfare centres usually have a large number available for adoption.

The City of Athens manages a programme which works to protect the stray dogs of the city. Strays are taken in to an animal centre, sterilised, treated medically, tagged with "City of Athens - Vaccinated - Sterilised" and documented. Once healthy, they are made available for adoption or if a new home or volunteer foster care cannot be found, released back on to the street. The animal is returned to the area where it was initially found (providing it is not near a hospital, school, athletic centre, motorway or airport) and provision is made for its food. The animal must be in good health and not dangerous.

Documented dogs can be adopted from the stray lodgings at Markopoulo: take proof of identity, an adoption application form and a declaration form (further information from the centre).

  • Stray lodgings at Markopoulo, Attica
    : Saturdays 09:00-14:00 
    : 210 527 8014 / 210 527 8009 / 1595 (Citizens Helpline) 
  • For further information on the programme and adopting an animal in Athens: Click here

Greek Animal Welfare Fund (GAWF): The association addresses animal welfare problems and provides care and treatment, as well as education and training, to improve attitudes towards animals in Greece.

  • GAWF
    : Zaloggou 13-15, 106 78 Athens
    Tel: 210 384 0010
    Fax: 210 384 0010

Greek Animal Rescue (GAR): UK-based charity which aims to support animal shelters and fund sterilisation of dogs and cats in Greece. It works to find homes in the UK and other European countries for the stray animals.

Society for the Protection of Stray Animals (SPAZ): Based in the southern suburbs of Athens, the association works in the streets, neutering stray dogs and cats and providing care in members' homes. It campaigns for animal rights in Greece and works with other animal welfare groups throughout the country.

Stray: Association taking in stray animals with the aim of rehoming them. It is always on the lookout for temporary foster families for animals until permanent homes can be found.

Nine Lives Greece: Group of volunteers in central Athens who take care of and search for homes for some of the many stray cats in the city. Regular fundraising events include car boot sales/bazaars and dinner parties.

Stray Action - Pet Therapy Hellas (SAPT): Non-profit organisation which aims to educate children regarding correct behaviour towards dogs and inform them of the plight of stray dogs in Greece. It runs a "Pet-Therapy" project for the mentally and physically disabled, bringing them into contact with former stray dogs.

  • SAPT
    Postal Address: PO Box 1120 – GR 19014, Afidne, Attiki, Athens 
    Tel: 06974 481 351 Monday to Friday from 10:00-14:00

Filozoikos / Friends of Animals: Provides care and the protection of loose animals that are living within the region of the Municipality of Nea Filadelphia.

Animals Lost and Found

If an animal is lost or found a classified advertisement can be placed in the following newspapers (free of charge):

Post a picture of the lost pet on trees and in shops around the neighbourhood; include contact details. Visit or contact the animal welfare organisations - the pet may have been picked up; also contact vets in the area where the pet went missing.

Pets.gr is a microchip database, which can be searched for lost or found animals (website in Greek).

Stray animals

Found stray animals that are ill or injured, and do not have a "City of Athens - Vaccinated - Sterilised" tag should be reported to the City of Athens stray animal programme.

  • Tel: 210 527 8014 / 210 527 8009 / 1595 (Citizen's helpline) 
  • For further information on the programme in Athens: Click here