School Holidays in Athens

A calendar of the school terms in Greece: all the dates when the state schools close for vacation...

All Greek schools have the same school calendar. Start and end dates vary a little depending on the day the date falls on and the variations in public holidays. All Greek school have long summer breaks, as well as breaks over Christmas, New Year and at Easter.

  • Schools in Greece are closed on national public (bank) holiday days
  • Students do not attend school when their teachers are on strike
  • Private schools may have slightly different dates for the school vacations: check with the relevant school
  • The table below is for the Primary School year. Secondary School has a slightly shorter summer break that begins at the end of the exam period in June (exact dates vary from school to school)
School Year 2017/2018
Back to school

9 September 2017 (primary schools)

Christmas holidays

23 December 2017 to 5 January 2018


School year ends

tbc June 2018

Note: School terms that begin on a Friday are usually pushed back to the following Monday. Summer holiday dates may change and are confirmed nearer the time.

Special Days and School Marches

Other Special Dates
Ochi Day  28 October: commemorates Greece saying "No" to Italy's demand  for surrender during World War II
Independence Day  25 March: Greece celebrates its independence from the Ottoman  Turks

On both of these days school children wear uniforms and take part in marches (this happens throughout the country). Depending on the size and location of a school, not all students march every year. The students taking part are selected at least a month before the march.

Foreign students may not be expected to take part in a march: this can be confirmed with a child's school directly.

Reduced school days

Although the following dates are officially full school days, many schools hold some sort of celebration or prepare for the following day's celebrations.

  • 27 October
  • 17 November
  • 24 March

In some schools, the day may be very short, for example one hour, while others may hold a full day of classes. Each school provides information in advance. Schools often ask that a parent or family member attend the celebration.

Saint's day closure

In some areas, schools will be closed on the local saint's day.

National and Local Elections

During elections, many schools are used as polling stations. During this time there are no classes and the schools are closed.