Markets in Athens

Information about where to find the freshest local produce: find out which days of the week the market comes to the different areas of Athens...

Farmers' markets (Λαική /Laiki) are an institution in Greece. Every area of Athens has at least one regular market once a week selling fruit, vegetables and often fish and flowers too. Markets start early in the morning around 06:00 and finish at about 14:00. They can get very crowded.

Many Athenians do all their weekly grocery shopping at the Laiki and the quality of produce is usually high, with prices lower than in supermarkets. Prices drop over the course of the day, with a wider choice of more expensive produce available in the early morning. By closing time, prices can be very low, although the best produce is sold. Prices are not negotiated and there are usually several stalls selling the same type of goods.

The markets are always held on the same day of the week, in the same location (although those near schools may move a few streets during school holidays). To the side of most markets there are stalls selling carpets, clothes, toys and other objects. Some areas, such as Vyronas, have smaller permanent fruit, vegetable and fish markets, as well as a weekly laiki. There are also many organic markets spread around Athens.

Note: It is illegal to park on a street where a market is being held/will be held the next day. This is often signposted, although if a street that one would expect to be parked up is completely clear, it is likely that a market is soon to be held.

Athens Central Market

There is a very large, permanent market in central Athens (Βαρακειος Αγορρα / Varakeios Agora). This has vast meat, fish and seafood, poultry halls in one warehouse and a second building with stalls selling fruit, vegetables, nuts and olive produce. This market supplies the hotels and restaurants of the city, but is also open to the private shopper. Open-air stalls outside the food halls also sell meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, olives and nuts, oils, eggs, international food, clothes, tools and toys, and songbirds.

There are many small international food stores (Asian, African and others), spice shops, tea shops, stores selling sacks of beans and pulses, on the streets around the main market.

  • At: Athinas and Efripidou streets, between the Monastiraki and Omonia squares
  • Open: 07:00-15:00 (shops around open by 08:00) Monday to Saturday

Farmers' Markets in Athens

Farmers' markets are plentiful throughout Athens, with something every day of the week.

Here is a selection of the regular fresh food markets:

MondayPatissia: General market at Hansen street. Mornings
Vyronas: Daily market for fruit, vegetables and fish
TuesdayKypseli: General market at Lesvou. Mornings
Pangrati: General market at Laksou. Mornings
Vyronas: Daily market for fruit, vegetables and fish
WednesdayGlyfada: Organic market at Xenofontos square. Afternoons
Nea Erythrea
: General market at Papanastasiou and Sevdikiou. Mornings
Vyronas: Daily market for fruit, vegetables and fish
ThursdayChalandri: General market at Toufa. Mornings
: General market at Elevtheroton. Mornings
Vyronas: Daily market for fruit, vegetables and fish
Friday Kolonaki: General market at Xenokratous street. Mornings
Kolonaki: Organic market at Dexamenis square. Mornings
: Daily market for fruit, vegetables and fish
SaturdayAmbelokipi: General market at Plakentias. Mornings
Excharia: General market at Kallidromiou. Mornings
: Daily market for fruit, vegetables and fish
SundayVyronas: Daily market for fruit, vegetables and fish

Athens Antiques/Flea Market

The Monastiraki Antiques/Flea market operates each Sunday. Stalls sell everything from large pieces of furniture to small collectable items and junk. There are also several permanent antiques stores in the area, as well as in nearby Psyrri, though many are closed on Sundays.

  • At: Avissinias square, Monastiraki
    Open: Sundays 07:00-18:00