Administrative Offices in Athens

Contact information for the local administrative centres in Athens, including details about Citizen Service Centres, town halls, and the city's waste disposal system...

In Greece, many administrative tasks can be completed via the Citizen Service Centres, of which there are many throughout Athens. See below for details of these and other administrative offices that can be found in the city.

Citizen Service Centres (KEP)

There are over 1,000 Citizen Service Centres in Greece. These public service centres are one-stop-shops for a number of administrative formalities.

  • For a list of Citizen Service Centres and their contact details in Athens: Click here

Prefectures and Town Halls in Attica

There are four prefectures in Attica: Athens, Piraeus, West Attica and East Attica.

The Athens prefecture includes 48 municipalities. These are grouped into geographic regions so as to decentralise services. Building permit applications are made at the Prefecture.

The municipality offices/town halls (????????? / Dimarchio) provide information regarding health issues, Vehicle Technical Control Centres - VTCC (Kendro Techniko Elengho Ohimaton - KTEO), new driving licences, new EU policies, retirement, the school system, transportation, urban planning and traffic issues.

Disposal of Large Waste Items

In Athens, large waste items, garden waste and old furniture can be disposed of by calling the Waste Management Centre or the Citizens Helpline to arrange a collection time. This is a free service.

  • Waste Management Centre Tel: 1960
  • Citizens Helpline Tel: 1595
  • For information on recycling in Athens: Click here