Bus Services in Athens

Information about the regional and city bus transport system, as well as details about trolley buses and the city's taxi system...

Athens has a good and well-developed public transport system.

The Athens Urban Transport Organisation (?????????? ??????? ???????????? ?????? - OASA) is the overseeing body for all public transport services in Athens. A hotline is available for general transport information from Monday to Friday from 06:30-23:30 and Saturday and Sunday from 07:30-22:30.

  • Athens Urban Transport Organisation Transportation Hotline
    : 185

The OASA website has a comprehensive website, which includes transport maps and ticketing information.

Route numbers are clearly marked on the front of vehicles.

  • For a journey planner with a fare calculator: Click here

Buses and Trolley Buses in Athens

There are two companies providing bus and trolley bus services within Athens: ETHEL (???????? ???????? ??????????) and ILPAP (????????????? ????????? ????????- ????????).

ETHEL bus services operate from 05:00-00:00, with 300 bus lines covering all of Athens. All buses are equipped with air conditioning. Special bus lanes run through the city.

ILPAP operate electric or trolley buses, with 23 lines. All buses have air conditioning.

    : 210 258 3300
  • Lost and Found Tel: 210 883 4138

There are a number of express buses to and from Athens and Piraeus to Eleftherios Venizelos Airport:

  • X93: Kifissos Coach Station - Airport
  • X95: Syntagma - Airport
  • X96: Piraeus - Airport
  • X97: Dafni Metro Station - Airport
  • For timetable information: Click here

KTEL is the Greek intercity bus service. Buses are popular in Greece and there are regular services from Athens to most cities. There are three intercity bus stations in Athens:

  • At: Kifissou 100
    Tel: 210 512 4910
  • At: Liosion 260 
    Tel: 210 831 7153
  • At: Athens Prefecture KTEL
    Tel: 210 823 0179 (for buses to Sounio, Oropos, Porto Rafti, Markopoulo) 
    Tel: 210 821 0872 (for buses to Marathon)
  • For the KTEL website: Click here (in Greek)
  • Tel: 14 505

Animals and public transport

Pets are allowed on public transport in Athens if they are in a special carrying case measuring no more than 70 X 40 X 50cm.

Bicycles on public transport

Bicycles are not permitted on buses or trolley buses.

Taxis in Athens

Urban taxis provide a 24-hour service and are fairly cheap. They can be hailed on the street or booked by telephone at extra charge. They are yellow and are marked with a TAXI sign on their roofs.

It is common practice to share a taxi with other passengers. According to regulations, the driver should ask for the passenger's permission before stopping for another customer, however, this rarely happens.

Every taxi has a sign at the front of the car that indicates if it is available. Unfortunately, most drivers ask for the destination beforehand and may refuse to take passengers. Although illegal, this is common. The taxi driver is obliged to give the customer a receipt, but in practice they only do so if the customer insists.

Fares are metered after an initial base charge and the metered rate is based on a fixed rate chart. Taxi fares are government regulated.

  • Tarif I: daytime tarif, valid from 05:01 to 00:00
  • Tarif II: night tarif, valid from 00:01 to 05:00 (the per-kilometre charge is higher than Tarif I)
  • For a journey planner with a fare calculator: Click here

Taxi complaints

Foreigners are often overcharged. If a passenger feels they have been overcharged, they should insist on a receipt stating the taxi's identification number (or licence plate number), the driver's name, the cost and the points of departure and arrival. Drivers can be reported by calling the telephone complaints centre.

  • Taxi Telephone Complaints Centre
    : 1019 on weekdays from 08:00-22:00 and on Saturdays from 08:30-20:00

Penalties for taxi drivers who overcharge customers or defy regulations can be severe.

  • For information on regulations for taxi drivers: Click here (PDF)

Traffic Conditions

  • For a real-time map of road and public transport conditions: Click here

Further Information

  • Charter of obligations from the the Athens Urban Transport Organisation: Click here (PDF)