Living With Teenagers in Greece

Guidelines for parents and young adults in Greece...

Teenagers in Greece spend much of their time with their group of friends. This group can often include both boys and girls while still being purely platonic. They usually go to coffee shops or spend their free time at shopping centres. A group of friends is often referred to as Parea (παρέα), literally meaning "company".

Large towns in Greece have a variety of sports clubs and facilities for teenagers, and many international schools have their own sports teams.

Youth Organisations

The overseeing body for the implementation of youth policy in the country is the General Secretariat for Youth. Their role covers employment, culture, education, leisure and social issues.

  • The General Secretariat for Youth
    Youth Department of the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs
    At: Acharnon 417, 111 43 Athens
    Tel: 210 259 9401 / 210 259 9322 / 210 259 9373

The National Youth Council is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation representing a number of young people in youth organisations. The NYC represents Greek youth abroad and is the main body representing issues related to Greek youth policy.

Teen parliament is a programme for 16 to 17 year olds, to raise awareness and analyse problems facing youths in Greece today.

Youth Information Centres

Recent years have seen the development of Youth Information Centres around the country. In these centres, young people can find information about volunteering, exchange programmes, education, training, art and culture, social issues and other youth-related issues. Each centre has computers with Internet access for free use.


Scouts of Greece is the national scouting association. Scouts are often active participants in relief activities in times of natural disasters in Greece, such as earthquakes and fires.