Civil Marriage in Greece

Understand the process for civil marriage in Greece...

The necessary documents should be taken in person to the town hall (dimarchio) or the president of the community (proedros kinotitos) where the applicant resides, in order to obtain a marriage licence. The marriage licence is usually issued seven days after the application is submitted, and is valid for six months. Once the marriage licence has been issued, the parties must then submit another application to the mayor or president of the community where they will marry (this can be anywhere in Greece). This official then sets the date for the wedding ceremony.

The civil ceremony

The civil ceremony traditionally takes place in the town hall, or other similar municipal office, and is conducted by an authorised civil representative – usually the mayor. A fee is payable for this service. The civil ceremony itself is relatively short and simple. Normally the ceremony is in Greek, therefore a translator may be necessary. Services are typically held in the late afternoon, and a marriage certificate (in Greek) will be issued within three days after the service. Many couples marry in other locations, such as hotels or other venues which have permission to perform civil ceremonies. The attendance of the mayor may be required for legal reasons. In some cases, couples choose to be legally married at the town hall and also have a separate, non-legal ceremony in another location. The bride and groom must provide two witnesses to attend the wedding ceremony. Witnesses should have their passports or Greek identification cards with them, as well as photocopies.