International Schools

Find out about the international schools and the different curricula available in Greece...

An alternative to public schools in Greece are private and foreign schools. These schools may have a Greek or non-Greek curricula. Local Embassies also usually have lists of foreign schools.

Enrolling a child in a private foreign school

Typically, the following is required, but requirements vary from school to school:
  • Report cards/transcripts - submitted in a sealed envelope (if not in English, transcripts will need to be translated)
  • Recommendation letter from the previous school (usually for secondary school only)
  • If applicable, completed Special Education assessment from the student's previous school
  • The student's medical records
  • A copy of the student's passport and/or birth certificate
  • Language skills test if the student was previously enrolled at a non-English-language curriculum school
  • An interview with the child
In addition, once parents are informed of their child's acceptance, the following documents are required: For students who are not of Greek nationality:
  • Certificate from the Consulate of the student's native country verifying citizenship
For students who are of Greek nationality: Note: Students between the ages of 6-15 who are of Greek nationality must obtain a permit from the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs in order to attend a private school with a foreign curriculum. The only exceptions to this are if:
  • the child's mother is a foreign national
  • one parent is employed as administrative or diplomatic staff by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • one parent is a journalist working for a publication based abroad
  • the student has had four consecutive years of foreign schooling in another country