Specialist Schools

The various specialist schools available in Greece, with information on supplementary education...

As with many European countries, there are options for alternative schooling available in Greece.

Musical and ecclesiastic gymnasia

These schools promote special music knowledge for pupils wishing to follow a professional career in music, or specialised theological knowledge for pupils wishing to follow clerical professions. The schools also promote general education, in case pupils eventually choose to follow a different professional or scientific field. Dimotiko graduates must take an entry exam to enter one of these schools.

Gymnasio sports classes

These programs operate in 80 gymnasia all over the country, where physical education is replaced by two hours of daily sports training, coached by physical education teachers specialised in the specific sport. All other subjects are taught as in the general gymnasia. Each class provides two to five sports, coached by different teachers. Pupils are selected after special examinations for each chosen sport.

Cross-cultural schools

Since 1996 a number of cross-cultural schools have been set up throughout Greece to provide an education for those with a specific educational, social or cultural identity. The schools utilize an adapted version of the standard Greek academic curriculum. For a school to be classed as cross-cultural, repatriated Greek or foreign students must make up at least 45 percent of the class.

Supplementary Education

Tutoring school (Frontistirio/Φροντιστήριο)

Many Greek students, whether enrolled in public or private schools, attend classes in tutoring schools or hire a private tutor to supplement their classroom learning and, often, to learn a foreign language. The parents of many university-bound students consider this extra tutoring necessary in order to pass university entrance exams.