How To Find a Doctor in Greece

An easy solution to finding the right Doctor...

Greek is the official language of Greece. It is spoken by 99 per cent of the population. Finding a good English speaking doctor might be difficult.


Mobidoctor is a website that facilitates access to online doctors, to provide you with easy and quick consultations. 


  • The website has been designed to make the user experience very convenient, which is why it only takes about 60 seconds to sign up and a few more minutes to be assigned a doctor.
  •  A consultation at Mobidoctor costs only €24, compared to €30 - €100 in Greece.
  •  You only need a mobile, a tablet, or a laptop and an internet connection to consult the doctor.


·      Always have a doctor near you with Mobidoctor


  • Prescription is sent minutes after your consultation.
  • Doctor’s consultations, in English, without any waiting. Saving you a lot of time. 


Mobidoctor is a truly reliable and trustworthy source for users to get doctor consultations at reasonable prices.