Prenatal Care in Greece

Understanding prenatal care in Greece, with links to some of the prenatal classes available…

Once the pregnancy is confirmed, the gynaecologist records the patient's medical history, runs some routine tests on the woman's blood and urine, and calculates the due date, based on the date of her last menstrual period. Additional visits are scheduled once a month, if the pregnancy is believed to be routine. From week 32 until week 36, the woman is seen twice a month. After week 36, she is usually seen once a week. Her weight and blood pressure, uterine growth and the position of the foetus is checked. Once a month a general blood test (especially to test sugar and iron levels) and urine test is done. Ultrasound exams are commonly done to monitor the health of the foetus.

Prenatal classes

Prenatal classes are not common in public hospitals and clinics, but natural childbirth information and breastfeeding and parenting classes can be found privately. The following organisations offer information and courses on natural birthing and other parenting issues:

The Birth Resource Programme: Programmes and monthly meetings at the Neo Humanist Centre for expecting and new mothers interested in natural childbirth, breastfeeding and homeopathy. The meetings provide the opportunity to meet midwives and doctors who support natural childbirth.

Yoga for Pregnancy: The Illium Centre of Light offers Yoga for Pregnancy courses for expectant women, which cover breathing and relaxation and include discussions on pregnancy, labour and birth, as well as the postpartum period.

La Leche League Greece (LLLI Greece): LLLI is an international non-profit organisation, which offers information and support to mothers who breastfeed or want to breastfeed. Volunteer breastfeeding counsellors run monthly support groups in Greek or English in Athens, Thessaloniki, Larissa, Volo and Mytilini, but other groups may also be available. The LLLI website has helpful information on lactation.

Birth Voice is an organisation that aims to facilitate natural childbirth by offering monthly classes for pregnant women, to teach them about their options.