Termination of Pregnancy and Abortion in Greece

Information on who to contact and how to proceed in the event of an unwanted pregnancy...

An abortion in Greece is available on request and permitted for one of the following reasons:

  • To save the life of the mother
  • To avoid physical or mental harm to the pregnant woman
  • If the pregnancy is the result of rape or an act of incest
  • If the foetus is severely physically or mentally impaired
  • For economic or social reasons

The abortion must be carried out in a hospital or private clinic. In addition, a doctor other than the one performing the procedure must confirm that there are valid grounds for an abortion to take place.

Written consent is required by the parents or the guardian of a minor.

An abortion on request is permitted until the 12th week of pregnancy. If the pregnancy is the result of a rape or incest, an abortion can be carried out until the 19th week of pregnancy. In the case of severe foetal abnormalities, the limit for terminating the pregnancy is 24 weeks.

Morning-after Pill

The morning-after pill (called Norlevo) is available from pharmacies in Greece without a prescription. Proof of age is not required.

Abortion Pill

The abortion pill must be prescribed by a doctor and is only used within a hospital.

Finding a Doctor

For information on finding a doctor to terminate a pregnancy, contact the Family Planning Association of Greece:

  • FPAG
    : Alkaiou street 10, 115 28 Athens
    Tel: 210 728 6332

The Greek Social Security System covers part of the cost of an abortion, however, many women choose to see a private gynaecologist to avoid many of the delays that are common with the State system.