Transferring or Disconnecting Utilities

How to alert your service providers when moving house in Greece...

Below is a guideline of the necessary procedures for transferring, connecting and disconnecting utility services in Greece. Although an indication of the time it will take and where to go is given, it is possible that all these procedures take much longer and may be more complicated, for variety of reasons.


The Public Power Corporation - PPC (Δημόσια Επιχείρηση Ηλεκτρισμού - DEH) manages the power supply in Greece.

When moving out of a property, customers must fill in a request for service disconnection at a local DEH office, a few days before leaving the property. An appointment for meter reading can also be scheduled. Once the service has been disconnected, a final bill is issued and sent to the person's new address. The amount due is based on actual consumption minus the amount paid when signing the contract. A refund will be provided, if appropriate.

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When moving in to a property, customers need to sign a Power Supply Contract at the nearest DEH office. The following documents are required:

  • Tax identification number (AFM number)
  • Proof of identity
  • Rental or purchase contract
  • A recent electricity bill from the previous tenant/owner or the service number on the electricity meter
  • Certificate issued by a licensed Electrical Installer with an electric plan of the property (if the previous one was submitted to the DEH more than 14 years ago)

The service will be quicker if the previous owner or tenant and the new owner or tenant go to the DEH office together. This ensures that the power supply is not disconnected.


For information on disconnecting the gas supply, contact the Customer Service department of the relevant gas supplier by telephone. They will advise on the exact documents required to terminate the contract. The procedure varies based on the type of accommodation and whether the applicant is the owner or tenant.

It's often easier if the previous occupant and the new occupant then go to the office together, to transfer the contract and avoid the supply being disconnected, although this may not be necessary. Check this beforehand when contacting the customer service department.

Some of the main gas suppliers in Greece include:


The water supply in Greece is managed by the local council in each area; there are offices within each Municipality. For information on connecting and disconnecting the water supply, contact the regional water department at the local Town Hall or Municipality Office. For those in rented property, if the bills are not issued in the tenant's name, the tenant must request a bill from their water supply company. A receipt of payment of this bill will need to be presented to the landlord when vacating the property.


The main telephone line provider in Greece is OTE. A landline installation or connection can be organised at one of the local provider's shops, by telephone or online. To get connected with OTE, visit one of the local OTE branches or Tel: 134.

To transfer an existing phone line to another person, both parties should go to the OTE office with a telephone bill, passport and their tax identification number. A new contract will need to be signed.

To disconnect the telephone line, call OTE from the telephone line which is to be disconnected and request that the line be disconnected. The telephone line will be disconnected the same day. For those in rented property, if the line can't be disconnected because the bills are not issued in the tenant's name, the tenant should provide the telephone number and landlord's name and a bill will be issued. The tenant will pay for their consumption until that particular day. This OTE receipt must be presented to the landlord before vacating the property.

If the person has a contract with a telephone provider other than OTE, they may have to pay for the months remaining on this contract. However, if the person is leaving Greece, some companies may agree to cancel the contract before the due date.