Landlord and Tenant Obligations

Understand rights and responsibilities when leasing property in Greece...

There are a number of obligations that both landlords and tenants should be aware of when renting accommodation in Greece.

Landlord obligations

By law, the landlord agrees to:

  • Rent the property for its agreed use, without flaws or deficiencies, for the length of the agreed rental period
  • Keep the property in suitable condition for its agreed use and perform any necessary repairs/maintenance work
  • By law, any taxes or charges resulting from the lease are the landlord's responsibility. However, the rental agreement may state otherwise

Tenant obligations

The tenant agrees to:

  • Pay the rent in full by the agreed date. If there are delays in rental payments, the landlord can start procedures to evict the tenant. This can take three to four months
  • Keep the property in good condition
  • Use the property only for its agreed purpose

The tenant should keep a copy of the rental agreement and request receipts for rental payments.

Note: The requirement for the tenant to pay a duty stamp (hartosimo) when signing a lease contract was abolished in 1 January 2008.

For information about tenant's rights and obligations contact the Panhellenic Renters' Protection Association.

  • At: Menandrou St. 66, Omonia, Athens
    Tel: 210 524 6982