Gas in Greece

Find out how to get connected to Greek gas suppliers...

The natural gas market in Greece is deregulated. The Public Gas Corporation (Δημόσια Επιχείρηση Παροχής Αερίου, DEPA) sells natural gas to gas supply companies and distributes gas to regions where gas supply companies are not yet established.

  • DEPA
    : Μarinou Antipa avenue 92, 141 21 Heraklion
    Customer services and emergencies Tel: 1133
    : 210 270 1000
    Fax: 210 270 1010

Natural gas is only available on the mainland, in certain areas of downtown Athens and in the suburbs, Thessaloniki, Larissa and Volos. Bottled gas is available from shops and some petrol stations, and appliances using bottled gas can be found on the market.

Getting connected

To get connected, check first that there is a natural gas supply network in the area, if there is still availability, or if a gas connection needs to be installed in the home.

The main gas suppliers in Greece are:

If the network is active in the area, an application for gas connection must be made at the gas supplier's central office or at one of its customer service points.

If the application is approved, a meter is installed at the residence, after which a certified technician must be contacted to install or convert the existing gas installation in the house. A final check will take place by the gas provider before the natural gas supply is given. The procedure can take up to two months.

The documents required depend on a number of factors, including the type of residence, the use of gas (heating, cooking, hot water) and whether the applicant is an owner or tenant.


In general, meters are read every two months, and bills are sent out once the meter has been read.

Gas bills can be paid:

  • at the cashier of a gas provider's office
  • by standing order
  • at cash dispensers/ATMs
  • via the Internet (e-banking service)
  • at post offices

Heating Oil

Heating oil (Petreleo/πετρέλαιο) is very common in Greece. To get a heating oil tank filled, contact one of the companies that can be found in the yellow pages under Petreleoidi, dianomi petreleo thermansis (Πετρελαιοειδή, Διανομή πετρελαίου θέρμανσης).