Getting a Telephone Connection

Find out how to get your new home connected to the landline telephone service in Greece...

Handy Numbers
To call internationally from Greece:
Dial exit code followed by country code and number
00 + country code + Tel no
To call internationally to Greece:
Dial entry code then Greek number
30 + Tel no
Medical emergency (Αριθμός έκτακτης ανάγκης)Tel: 112
Police (Άμεση Δράση Αστυνομίας)Tel: 100
Fire Service (Πυροσβεστική Υπηρεσία)Tel: 199
Ambulance service (Εθνικό Κέντρο Αμεσης Βοήθειας)Tel: 166
Directory EnquiriesTel: 11 888
International Directory EnquiriesTel: 11 889
Telephone Services in Greece

The telecom market in Greece is deregulated and there are a number of telephone companies serving the country.

The main telephone line provider is OTE. Other providers supply cheaper rates for overseas, long distance and mobile phone calls, however, an OTE line still needs to be installed and line rental must be paid to OTE.

  • Hellenic Telecommunications Organization - OTE
    At: Kifissias avenue 99, 151 24 Maroussi
    Customer Service Tel: 134
    Business customer services Tel: 13 818
    Emergencies Tel
    : 121 (from OTE fixed line, free of charge)
    Emergencies Tel: 13 888 (from a mobile phone or other fixed telephone lines)

OTE provide landlines, ADSL and dial-up services, mobile phone services and a number of discount packages.

How to get connected, transfer a line or get disconnected

Below is a guide to the procedure for connecting and disconnecting a telephone line in Greece. Although an indication of the time it will take and where to go is given, it is possible that all these procedures take much longer and may be more complicated, for a variety of reasons.

Depending on the chosen telecom provider, a landline installation or connection can be organised at one of the local provider's shops, by telephone or online.

  • To get connected with OTE, visit one of the local OTE branches or Tel: 134.

To get a landline installed or connected, the following documents are required:

  • Tax identification number (AFM number)
  • Proof of address (rental contract or Title of Deeds)
  • Proof of identity

A contract is signed with OTE; a deposit may be requested. There is a waiting period for line installation; businesses and people with special needs may be given special consideration. In general, it takes between two and four weeks, however, it may take longer. In most cases, connections with OTE are quicker than with other providers; OTE also has facilities for a new line to be ordered online. An appointment for the installation or connection is made.

How to transfer a line

When moving in to a property and transferring an existing telephone line from person to another, both the existing account holder and the incoming resident must go to an OTE shop together, where the outgoing resident pays any outstanding amounts and the contract is transferred.

The following documents are required by both parties:

  • AFM (also called TIN)
  • Identity document (residency permit or passport)
  • Last bill received

How to get disconnected

To disconnect the telephone line, call OTE from the telephone line which is to be disconnected. The telephone line is disconnected on the same day.

  • Contact OTE customer service: Tel 134

Paying bills

Bills are sent every two months and can be paid in one of the following ways:

  • By credit card via Internet or telephone, Tel: 1305
  • By standing order
  • At an Automatic Transaction Machines (ATM)
  • By Internet e-banking service (if the bank provides this service)
  • At OTE shops
  • At the Post Office (ELTA)

Services provided by OTE

OTE has a number of services available to fixed-line customers, including caller display, call waiting, and voice mail packages.

Other Landline Telephone Service Providers

A number of telecom companies provide landline services. These are often part of an Internet package and may include telephone, Internet and digital television. Prices vary from one company to another, and depend on the chosen package. In most cases, it is possible to subscribe online, by telephone or at one of the customer service centres or shops.

  • ON Telecoms
    At: Sorou street 26, 151 25 Maroussi
    Customer Service Tel: 13 801 or 211 700 3801 (from outside Attica)
    Emergencies Tel: 13 802
    Fax: 210 615 1300
  • Tellas (in Greek)
    Customer service Tel: 13 800
    Emergencies Tel: 12 12
  • Cosmoline
    : 40th km Attiki Odos, Rest Area Mesogeia, 190 02 Peania
    Customer service Tel: 13 803
    Emergencies Tel: 800 700 7000 (24/7)
  • Forthnet
    : Atthidon street 4, 176 71 Athens
    Customer service Tel: 13 831
    Emergencies Tel: 800 100 9000 (24/7)
  • HOL
    : Adrianou 2 & Papada, 115 25 Athens
    Customer service Tel: 13 844