Mobile Phones and Internet in Greece

Find out how to get yourself set up with a mobile telephone, as well as how to connect your new home to the Internet in Greece...

The main network providers for mobile telephones are Cosmote, Vodaphone and Wind. Prepaid cards are sold at kiosks and phone shops. A tax identification number and proof of identity is usually required to get a mobile phone with a monthly contract.

  • Cosmote
    : 1212 
    Business customers Tel: 1200
  • Vodaphone
    : 13 830
    From abroad Tel
    : +30 694 440 3830
    Business customers Tel
    : 1399
  • Wind
    : 1260
    From a mobile phone Tel: 800 888 7316
  • Frog Mobile (from Cosmote)
    From a Frog mobile phone Tel: 1299
    From abroad Tel: +30 697 100 1299

Lost or stolen mobile/cellular telephones

In the event of a loss or theft of a mobile phone, contact the appropriate service provider.

Internet Providers

Internet access accounts are available from any of the Internet service providers listed below. Rates and pricing schemes vary. To subscribe to an Internet service, the following documents are required:

  • Tax identification number (AFM number)
  • Proof of address (rental contract or Title of Deeds)
  • Proof of identity

To transfer from one provider to another, the last bill from the current provider is required. The new provider takes care of cancelling the previous contract. The subscription procedure depends on the chosen provider.

ADSL services are not available everywhere in Greece.

  • To find out if a region or town is covered: Click here and type the telephone number in the box corresponding to the chosen Internet provider (in Greek).

Further Information

  • Independent broadband review website: Click here (in Greek)