Domestic Water Supplies in Greece

Understanding the Greek water supply system...

The water supply in Greece is managed by the local council in each area: there are offices within each Municipality. The Athens Water Supply and Sewage Company (EYDAP) is the largest company in Greece operating in the water market, supplying water and sewerage services to the Athens Metropolitan area.

  • EYDAP Commercial Services Division
    : 156, Oropou str., 111 46 Athens
    Emergencies and customer service Tel: 10 22 24/7
    Tel: 210 214 4056 Monday to Friday from 07:30-14:30
    Fax: 210 214 4159
  • To find a local customer service Centre: Click here and select the Municipality

Getting connected/disconnected

Information on connection procedures is supplied by the regional water department at the local Town Hall or Municipality Office. In the Athens Metropolitan area, contact a customer service centre for information on connecting or disconnecting the water supply. Proof of identity is required when connecting to the water supply. New connections to the water supply can take up to 45 days.

In rented accommodation, the bill is normally in the owner's name. In order to get the bill on the tenant's name, the following documents are required (this can be done at the local EYDAP office, or at a Citizen Service Centre, KEP):

  • A copy of the rental contract
  • AFM number
  • Copy of proof of identity
  • dilosi (statements of facts/sworn declaration)
  • To find a local Citizen Service Centre: Click here

Water in Greece is metered and charges are based on consumption.

To disconnect the service when moving, contact the water provider in advance. In rented accommodation, as the bill is generally in the owner's name, the tenant doesn't usually have to do anything when moving.


EYDAP water and sewerage bills are sent every month or every three months, and are based on actual consumption. The bill due date is indicated on the water bill.

Bills can be paid in one of the following ways:

  • at EYDAP offices
  • by standing order
  • at and ATM
  • via the Internet (e-banking service)
  • For information on all payment possibilities: Click here

Overdue bills may only be paid at one of the EYDAP offices, penalty fees will apply.

Outside of Athens, water and sewerage bills are issued by the local town hall or Municipality office.