Smoking Bans in Greece

Information on the laws affecting smoking in public places in Greece...

As of 1 September 2010, smoking and consumption of tobacco products has been banned in enclosed public places in Greece. Tobacco advertising is also banned. The smoking ban applies to:

  • All work places
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Public transport (including stations), taxis and passenger ships
  • Restaurants, night clubs

Exceptions to the law may be permitted until 1 June 2011 for casinos and night clubs with live music, provided these establishments are over 300m² in size.

An information hotline, which can also be used to report violation of the law, has been set up by the government.

  • Information hotline: 1142

Individuals face fines of €50 to €500, whereas companies violating the law face more hefty fines, ranging from €500 to €10,000. Companies caught violating the law more than five times will be closed by authorities.

Smoking in Greece

Greece has one of the highest per capita smoking rates in the European Union among adults over 15 years of age (42% of people over 15 smoke). The Greek government sponsored an extensive media campaign to promote the smoking ban, and to encourage people to stop smoking and protect public health.

Smoking was partially banned in Greece in 2002 and 2003, but the law was ignored by the people. Another attempt to introduce anti-smoking legislation was made in 2009, again unsuccessfully, as the law had loopholes and was said to cause unfair competition between small and large restaurants.

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