General Taxes in Greece

Find out about the different taxes that a person may be liable for when living in Greece. Information on property taxes, VAT, stamp duty, vehicles taxes and extraordinary taxes…

A number of general (non-income) tax measures apply to both residents and certain non-residents of Greece. Due to the current economic crisis in Greece, additional “extraordinary tax” measures have been announced and, in some cases, implemented by the Government. The information included below is current as of 29 September, 2011. All interested parties should seek updated tax information, particularly with regard to more recent “extraordinary measures”.

Residents and non-residents of Greece, who own/rent property, have a bank account and own/operate a motor vehicle in Greece, will require a Greek Tax Identification Number or AFM (Αριθμός Φορολογικός Μητρώου or ΑΦΜ).

Residents of Greece must register with the Greek Tax Office (Εφορία or Eforia) in the geographic area where they reside or where their company/business has been registered. Non-residents of Greece must register with the Tax Office for Residents Abroad (ΔΟΥ Κατοίκων Εξωτερικού or DOY Katoikon Exoterikou).

Residents and non-residents of Greece are subject to the following general (non-income) taxes, as applicable:

  • Car Purchase/Import Taxes and Duties
  • Road/Circulation Tax
  • Television and Radio tax
  • Municipal Tax
  • Property Taxes
  • Stamp Duty
  • VAT
  • Extraordinary Taxes
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