Property Taxes in Greece

Understand the property tax regulations in Greece...

Property Transfer Tax (????????? ??????????? ????????)

Transfers of property (for example, purchases and gifts) are subject to tax based on the presumed tax value of the property. This tax must be paid at the Tax Office nearest to the location of the property, prior to the transfer, by the person acquiring the property (that is, the purchaser or person accepting the gift). Specific transfers may be tax exempt, such as the purchase of farmland from a farmer and the purchase of a first residence, in some cases.

Real Property Tax or FAP (????? ???????? ?????????? ???)

As of 2010, a tax on all real property holdings applies to residents and non-residents of Greece.

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Extraordinary Special Duty on Real Estate with Electric Service (??????? ?????? ????? ?????????????????)

This tax is applicable to all real property which receives electric service. It is calculated based on the size of the building which receives electricity, the age of that building and the zone price of its location. The tax is collected through the Electric Company (???) utility bill in two installments. According to Law No. 4021/2011 Article 53 (Sections 4 & 12), owners are ultimately liable for the tax; however renters are required to pay the tax through the utility bill and thereafter allowed to deduct the tax amount paid from future rental payments. A significant number of legal and natural persons are exempt from this tax which, according to the Law No. 4021/2011 Article 53, will be levied in the years 2011 and 2012.

Stamp Duty

In 2002, Stamp Duties on a significant number of transactions were abolished, most notably the Stamp Duty (???? ??????????) which applied to residential leases. Today, a 3.6 percent Stamp Duty applies exclusively to commercial leases. This tax is paid to the owner, who is responsible for depositing all collected duties. A Stamp Duty is also levied on certain documents and contracts.

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