Register for Benefits

How to register for social security benefits in Greece...

The registration process for benefits in Greece differs, depending on whether you are self-employed or an employee.

How to Register at IKA (Employees)

IKA is the largest social security fund in Greece. It covers employees working in Greece or Greeks working abroad for a Greek employer.

IKA contributions (????????/isfores) are equal to 30 percent of the worker's gross salary. Contributions are made by the employer, but also by the employee through a payroll deduction. It is the employer's responsibility to take the necessary steps to ensure that employees are registered with the national social security system, IKA.

  • IKA Main Office
    : Agiou Konstantinou 8, 102 41 Athens
    Tel: 210 521 5000

To register with the IKA, the following documents are required:

  • An identity document and its official translation
  • A work certificate
  • AFM (tax) number (??????? ??????????? ???????/arithmos foroloyikou mitroou)

In most cases it is the employer that arranges the registration procedures.

Insured members receive medical care and cash benefits for lost income (if unemployed or on sickness/accident leave). Claims for the various benefits, allowances or pensions can be submitted to the local KEP (Citizen’s Service Centre) or at an IKA office, in person, by a member of the family or a third person.

How to Register at OAEE (Self-employed Workers)

The OAEE is the insurance organisation for self-employed workers. To register at the OAEE, the following is needed:

  • an identity document (?????????? ?????????/astinomiki taftotita or ??????????/diavatirio) and its official translation
  • a copy of the rental agreement (?????????/simvolaio) or the title deeds; if the property is rented, a declaration from the owner giving permission to use the premises is also required

OAEE gives insured individuals a health book when they register their company. Every January this health book needs to be validated for the new year at the local OAEE office and new doctors can be chosen. This procedure is only possible if all contributions for the previous year have been paid (in December OAEE sends a summary of all the contributions paid during the year). Contributions depend on income.