Greek Administrative Offices

Contact information for the national and local administrative centres of Greece, including where to go for residency papers, vehicle registration papers, driving licences and more...

In Greece, many administrative tasks can be completed via the Citizen Service Centres, of which there are many spread throughout the country.

Citizen Service Centres (KEP)

There are over 1,000 Citizen Service Centres in Greece. These public service centres are one-stop-shops for a number of administrative formalities, including the following:
  • Register or transfer registration of a vehicle
  • Obtain a duplicate birth, marriage or death certificate
  • Apply for a permanent residence certificate (not available at all KEPs)
  • Apply for a driver's licence
  • Renew driving licence
  • Apply for a transport pass for people with disabilities
  • Power of attorneys or signed declarations
  • Apply for a social security number (AMKA number)
Centres are open from Monday to Friday, 08:00-20:00 and Saturday 08:00-14:00. Ermis.Gov has a list of local Citizen Service Centres (KEP)
  • Tel: 1500
  • The City of Athens website has comprehensive information on the services provided by Citizen Service Centres Ermis, the Greek Government site for information have a map of local Citizen Service Centres all over Greece

Citizens Helpline

There is also a Citizens Helpline, which can provide information on all the documents required for the procedures above, as well as information on the municipal parking system, parking permits, local elections and anything related to services provided by the City of Athens.
  • Tel: 1595 (Monday to Sunday from 07:00-23:00)
  • More details on the Citizens Helpline can be found on the City of Athens website.

Immigration Formalities

Applications for a residence certificate (EU citizens) and residence permits (non-EU citizens) are made at the local Aliens bureau (these are found at police stations with a foreigners department). In some Police stations, applicants need to collect a number before they can be served.
Main Police Station (with Foreigners Department)
Central At: Petrou Ralli 24, Tavros Tel: 210 340 5804-29
Maroussi At: Agiou Orous 15 Tel: 210 687 5176
Elliniko (Glyfada) At: Proin Anatolikos Aerolimenas Athinon Tel: 210 960 1341
Piraeus At: Iroon Politehniou 37 Tel: 210 412 8607 Tel: 210 417 4592
Applications for residence permits for non-EU citizens are made at the local municipal office/town hall (Δημαρχείο / Dimarchio). The local Citizen Service Centre (KEP) can provide the appropriate address.

Taxes and AFM Tax Numbers

Anyone who is a resident in Greece or who owns property in Greece will need to apply for an AFM number. The AFM number (sometimes referred to as TIN) can be obtained from the local Tax Office/Internal Revenue Services (ΕφορίαEforia), either in the place of residence or in the area where the property is being bought.

Social Security

There are 13 national insurance funds in Greece, all with local offices. These can be found in the health book, on their websites (if applicable) or by calling the central telephone number of the fund concerned. The largest Social Security Fund in Greece is the Social Insurance Institute – General Employees’ Insurance Fund known as IKA-ETAM..
  • The European Commission has published a guide to Social Security rights in Greece (PDF)
  • To find out more information on Social Security in Greece visit the IKA-ETAM website
  • IKA-ETAM also have a list of local offices throughout Greece and their contact details

Related information

School Registration

Registration for primary school (dimotiko) and kindergarten usually takes place from 1–21 June at the school itself. Children attend school in the district where they live. The town hall/municipal office can advise parents of their catchment area. Enrolment at secondary school usually takes place at the primary school that the child is already attending. In Athens, children are generally assigned to a school, whereas in less densely populated areas there may be a choice of schools that the child may attend. Newcomers to Greece should contact their town hall/municipal office for information on enrollment procedures.
  • The Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs (Υπουργείο Παιδείας, Έρευνας και Θρησκευμάτων) is the government department responsible for running the country's education system.
  • Europa also have information on the schooling system in Greece.

Certified Translations in Greece

When dealing with foreign papers, for example, school diplomas or driving licences, Greek authorities may require an official translation.