Taking the Driving Tests

Find out how to go about taking the tests to get a Greek driver’s licence...

The test consists of a multiple choice theoretical test. This is picture based and only a minimal knowledge of Greek is required. The completed test is marked on the same day and results returned to the candidate. If the test is successfully passed, the candidate may take the practical test.

The practical test should not last less than 25 minutes for categories AM, A1, A2 B and BE, and 45 minutes for all other categories. Two examiners and the candidate's instructor are present in the car.

The practical test can be taken the same day as the theoretical test or at a later date.

If the person fails either of the tests, they can be taken again any number of times. Once the person has successfully passed, they are given a document stating that they may drive. This can be used until the driving licence has been issued.

New Drivers

Drivers who have only recently passed their test must have a red "N" visible in the back window for the first six months of driving. These signs can be bought at most garages.