The European Driving Licence

Find out if your EU-issued licence is valid in Greece...

Driving licences issued by EU Member states, or by Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein, are valid in Greece, as long as the licence is valid and the driver meets the Greek minimum driving age for the vehicle category. This is 16 for AM-class vehicles, 18 for A1-class vehicles, and 18 for B-class vehicles. As of January 19 2013, EU- and EEA-issued licences can only be renewed in the holder's country of residence. Renewing an EU-issued licence in Greece will effectively convert it into a Greek licence. Police may insist on licence conversion for certain purposes, such as to remove licence points from a permanent resident. Upon exchange, the original licence will be returned to its place of issuance. Students studying in Greece for at least six months are also entitled to convert their licence.

Exchanging an EU/EEA licence

A holder of an EU/EEA driving licence may exchange it for a Greek one, though this will not usually be necessary until its reaches its expiry date. To make an exchange, the holder must be resident in Greece. The exchange can be done through a Citizen Service Centre (KEP) or at a Transport and Communication Department office of the person's place of residence. It is not necessary to re-take the practical test as long as the licence remains valid and the holder fulfils the category requirements. If the licence expires during the exchange process, a practical test will have to be taken. The following documents are required:
  • Application form
  • Copy of passport
  • Valid driving licence and a certified translation made by the Ministry of foreign affairs or a lawyer
  • Residence Certificate issued at least 95 days before the application
  • Two recent passport-sized colour photographs
  • Receipt of payment of stamp duty, payable at a Public Revenue Office (Εφορία/Eforia)
Once the new driving licence is ready for collection, the applicant will be informed by text message (SMS) or by telephone. The original driving licence will be returned to the relevant authority in the issuing country.
Further information
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