Road Traffic Accidents in Greece

Traffic accident on Greek roads? Find out who to call and how to fill in the accident report after a car crash...

In Greece, third-party insurance is obligatory and covers the civil liability of the vehicle's owner as well as that of any other driver.

What to Do at the Scene of an Accident

If there are injuries call the appropriate emergency services:

Emergency Service Telephone
Medical Emergency (υπηρεσίες παροχής έκτακτης ιατρικής περίθαλψη) Tel: 112
Fire Service (Πυροσβεστική Υπηρεσία)
Tel: 199
Ambulance service (Υπηρεσία ασθενοφόρων)
Tel: 166
Police (αστυνομία)
Tel: 100
Athens Road Traffic Police (Αστυνομία της Αθήνας) Tel: 1033 / 210 528 4000

In the event of a minor accident

  • Stop at the scene immediately and move to a safe place, without creating any additional risk to traffic
  • If necessary, and if it's safe to do so, alert oncoming traffic
  • Call the road traffic police
  • Exchange personal and insurance information with the other involved parties

In the event of a serious car accident

  • Assist and support victims
  • Notify police and remain at the scene
  • Prevent any interference with evidence, such as moving vehicles or parts, that could impede an investigation

Drivers should take down contact details of any witnesses and any other relevant information such as the colour, type and registration number of any vehicle leaving the scene.

  • For further information from the Hellenic Police: Click here

Accident Report Sheet

There are two types of accident report form in Greece:

  • Statement of Accident (Δήλωση ατυχήματος)
  • Friendly Settlement Form (Φιλικό διακανονισμό)

Both accident reports should contain the following details:

  • Date and place of the accident
  • Vehicle information: make, model numbers and vehicle registration numbers
  • Drivers' information: full names, addresses, telephone numbers, driving licence details
  • Details of insurers and policies of all drivers
  • Witnesses: names and addresses
  • Any injuries
  • Material damage to other vehicles
  • An illustration and explanation of the accident including details of damage caused, with photographs or a sketch
  • Signature of both drivers involved in the accident

It is advisable to call the road traffic police to the scene. The police report can help determine who was at fault, even for relatively minor accidents.

Statement of Accident

If drivers involved in a car accident don't agree, or if they are unsure on how to proceed, they should call their car insurance representative to write down a Statement of Accident, in which all the relevant details concerning the road accident are summed up. A plan of the place of accident should be drawn up, and photographs of the involved vehicles and the place of accident should be taken.

If the above cannot be completed, the driver of the insured vehicle should submit a Statement of Accident to his insurance company within eight days of the accident.

In the event of an accident with injuries, the insurance company must be notified of the full name, address, telephone number and the hospital to which the injured individuals were taken so that a doctor affiliated with the insurance company can visit them.

Friendly Settlement Form

If both parties are in agreement as to what happened, there is a special claim form available from insurance companies called a Friendly Settlement Form.

This form is in Greek and should be filled out and sent to the insurance companies within one week. Both drivers should keep a signed copy of this form.

The Friendly Settlement system of direct damage payment from road accidents allows for the insured driver who wasn't at fault to be compensated by his own insurance company.

To apply for Friendly Settlement, the following requirements must be met:

  • Not more than two vehicles are involved in the accident
  • The involved vehicles are insured with companies that participate in the system of Friendly Settlement
  • The accident occurred in Greece
  • There is agreement that one of the two involved drivers is 100 percent liable or that the two drivers share 50 percent joint liability
  • The damage does not exceed €6,000 in material damages and €3,000 in bodily injury per individual, with a maximum limit for bodily injury of €9,000 per accident (if there is more than one injured person)

Breakdown Service

ELPA or Greek Automobile Touring Club (Elliniki Leschi Perigiseon kai Aftokinitou) is the Greek breakdown service.

  • ELPA (in Greek)
    Tel: 10 400 / 210 606 8800

Express Service also provide a breakdown service:

Some insurance companies provide their own road assistance.

Useful Organisation

  • Auxiliary Fund - Claims for damages caused by an unknown, stolen or uninsured motor vehicle (Epikouriko Kefaleo Asfaliseos)
    At: Konstantinou Tsatsou 4, 105 58 Athens
    Tel: 210 332 7400

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