Greece by Bus

Getting around Greece by bus…

All long-distance buses, on the mainland and the islands, are operated by regional collectives known as KTEL (Koino Tamio Eispraxeon Leoforion). Every prefecture on the mainland has a KTEL, which operates local services within the prefecture and to the main towns of other prefectures. KTEL buses are safe, modern, and, on the major routes, air-conditioned. Larger cities, such as Athens, Heraklion, Patra and Thessaloniki, may have more than one bus station serving different regions.

All major towns on the mainland have frequent connections to Athens. The islands of Corfu, Kefallonia and Zakynthos can also be reached from Athens by bus; the fares include the price of the ferry ticket.

Most villages have a daily bus service of some sort, although remote areas may have only one or two buses a week. In small towns and villages the bus station may simply be a bus stop outside a coffee house or taverna that doubles as a booking office. In remote areas, the timetable may be in Greek only, but most booking offices have timetables in both Greek and Roman script. Timetables give both the departure and return times, which are listed using the 24-hour clock system.

Each ticket is allotted a seat number, which refers to a number on the back of each seat of the bus. It is possible to board a bus without a ticket and pay on board, but on a popular route, or during high season, this may result in having to stand.

Smoking is prohibited on all buses in Greece.

  • For official itinerary information of KTEL interurban buses all over Greece, Tel: 14 505