Buying a New Car in Greece

Information on the paperwork and processes involved when buying a new car in Greece...

New cars are generally sold by a dealership. There are a number of websites available when searching for a new car, including the websites of car dealers. These websites can generally provide information about models available, technical matters and current prices. Some useful websites (in Greek) when searching for a new vehicle include:

Documents required

The following documents are required in order to buy a car in Greece:
  • Proof of identity
  • Tax Identification Number (AFM)
  • Two sworn statements (dilosi - an official declaration of ownership of property), certified by the Police for the authenticity of the signature. This is necessary for the dealership to register the car in the buyer's name
  • A copy of the tax declaration, if the car is to be financed
  • Non-Eu foreign citizens need to provide their Residence Permit (Aδεια παραμονης)

Registering a new car

In general, the company selling the car registers it temporarily for the buyer, and some of the documents outlined below are not required. In these cases, an official document proving the purchase of the car (an invoice) replaces some of the documents. If the dealership does not register the car temporarily for the buyer, it will supply the buyer with the appropriate documents required for registration. New cars are registered at the local Citizen Service Centre (Κεντρο Εξυπηρετησης Πολιτων - KEP). The buyer submits the necessary documents to the KEP, and the application is forwarded to the competent institution. A receipt, the Βεβαιωση υποβολης αιτηματος, is issued. The buyer is notified when the final document is ready to be collected. The following documents are required to register a private passenger vehicle:
  • Certified copy of proof of identity
  • Non-EU foreign citizens need to provide their Residence Permit (Aδεια παραμονης)
  • Document from the manufacturing plant
  • Application for registration of a new passenger car
  • Copy of certificate in accordance with the JMD 31949/2725/99 (V330) issued by the Department of Transport SE
  • Road tax for the current year
  • Tax office registration fee
  • EU vehicle type approval