Ending an Employment Contract

The legal requirements for ending employment in Greece...

Various rules apply when leaving a job in Greece, depending on the terms of departure.


Employees must give their employer written or oral notice of their resignation within the period stipulated in the employment contract (a maximum of three months prior to the end of employment). If a worker resigns, they are not entitled to unemployment benefit from the OAED.

Termination: open-ended employment contracts

Employers of employees with a work contract of indeterminate duration may terminate the contract at any time, as long as the termination adheres to the conditions laid out in the employee's work contract (such as how much notice must be given). Notice of termination must be provided in writing at least one month (but not more than 24 months) prior to the termination of the contract. An exception to this is "irregular" notice of termination, in which the termination starts on the day the notice of termination is delivered.

Employers are required to pay the terminated employee compensation based on the duration of employment and the last months' wage.

Termination: fixed-term employment contracts

Fixed term contracts can only be terminated if the employer has just cause (such as bankruptcy of the business or unsatisfactory performance by the employee). If the employer has a justifiable reason to terminate the employee, compensation is not required. Determining whether or not a reason for dismissal was justifiable is left to the legal system and requires a court decision.

The employer must notify the OAED within eight days following the termination of a contract.