Finding a Job

How and where to start job seeking in Greece...

It is possible to find employment in Greece via a number of channels: through OAED job centres, personal contacts, newspaper classified ads, employment websites or via private employment agencies (which must be authorised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection).

OAED job centres

To register for job search assistance with the OAED, submit an application at the nearest OAED centre. Centres can be found in the telephone book (tilephonikos odigos). European Employment Services (EURES) staff members are available at the main OAED office in Alimos, and speak foreign languages. They are specially trained to help unemployed people find work in EU countries, and match job seekers to available jobs. In addition, it is possible for job seekers to post their qualifications on the EURES website for potential employers to see.

Newspaper classified ads

Clerical and mid-level jobs are often advertised in newspapers, with advertisements for many upper-level jobs published in Greek and English. The Athens News is an English-language newspaper and has a classifieds section for job openings.

  • For links to the main Greek daily newspapers: Click here (in Greek)
  • For an extensive list of links to Greek newspapers: Click here

Employment websites

Among other websites, jobseekers may find the following websites helpful:

Employment agencies

Employment agencies in Greece must be authorised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. Two of the largest recruiting agencies are Manpower and Adecco.

Unsolicited applications

Applications sent for a position which has not been advertised are not unusual in Greece. This is generally done by speaking with the human resources department of a potential employer and/or sending a CV and cover letter (in Greek; English if applicable). Trade directories found in local libraries include company mailing addresses. Chambers of commerce can also be a good source of information about potential employers.


Europass is a programme for individuals looking for employment, enroling in school or seeking work experience in Europe. It's a collection of documents that aim to clearly communicate, from one country to another, academic and professional qualifications.

Europass documents include:

  • Europass Curriculum Vitae (Europass CV)
  • Europass Language Passport
  • Europass Certificate Supplement
  • Europass Diploma Supplement
  • Europas Mobility

It is not necessary to use all of the Europass documents (some people may choose to use just the Europass CV).

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