Bringing Up Toddlers

Find out about the services, activities and help available to parents, babies and young children in Hong Kong...

A number of organisations are involved with the health and well-being of children in Hong Kong. This section features an overview of the services and facilities available to families with young children in Hong Kong.

Magazines for Parents and Children

There are a number of magazines available for parents bringing up children in Hong Kong. These include:

  • Playtimes: Published ten times a year, magazine with advice and guidance on many parenting issues such as the social, physical, intellectual and emotional development of children
  • For children, there are also magazines in English and a number of bilingual magazines, including the very popular Typhoon Club
  • Daily 7 and Daily 10: English-language newspapers for children. Each edition has news items, vocabulary, weather forecast, cartoons and games. Published every day except Sunday, available by subscription only
  • Little Steps Asia: An online parenting platform with websites across the region
  • Sassy Mama HK: A digital lifestyle magazine for mums in Hong Kong

Out and About With Toddlers

In spite of the population density and the small size of the place, Hong Kong does have open areas and parks for children to play in. Beaches and parks get very crowded at weekends and during school holidays.

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department supervises parks and playgrounds as well as public swimming pools.

  • The Hong Kong Park is just one of the Leisure and Cultural Services facilities and is very popular
  • For other parks, see the Leisure and Cultural Services Department website: Click here
  • Ocean Park has rides, an aquarium, plus a play section for smaller children
  • Hong Kong also has a Disneyland

A number of museums provide play areas and interactive activities for young children.

Further Information